Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I love girls?.and today was a really good day?.MTV i really love u right now?thank u?thank u very much ;)

I love girls....and today was a really good day....MTV i really love u right now...thank u...thank u very much ;)


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. gucci mane && trey songz; beat it up [da heart of da city].

disclaimer; all rights to da musick && lyrics are entitled to gucci mane, trey songz, && da labelz dat made it possible. [.lyricz.] [.trigga.] itz four in da mornin && she callin my fone she wanna be grown we gone get it on.. she said dat she lonely cuz he’z never around said she like More >


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Top Five Moments from Justin Bieber?s Video for ?Love Me?

Justin Bieber just posted this video that he made with his friend Alfredo Flores for his song “Love Me,” which he said is “some fun for the fans.”
Here’s our top five moments from the video…
1. The first time Justin flashes his signature smile at the camera. (At 0:12)
2. Justin showing off his fancy footwork while [...]


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80,000 subscribers - Just how many people IS that?


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Alexandra Amor - Pray [Cover]


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Justin Bieber (?????? ???????)


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Justin Bieber Cartoon With Purple Shirt


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